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Hita Technology Pvt. Ltd., INDIA, is engaged in Importing, value addition, marketing and maintaing the entire range of HiTA UPS systems in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar and Sri Lanka and Pakistan (All SAARC Countries) and is planning to expand further.

Manufacture: Every HiTA UPS is backed by an assurance of Total Quality and Total Support. Its manufacture is based on strict parameters laid down by ISO 9000 certification. The plant conforms to safety standards of such global agencies such as UL, CSA, CE and Japanese T mark. The corporate vision to constantly provide innovative and competitive, new products to customers drives the use of leading edge technologies.

Testing & Quality Assurance: Testing & Quality Assurance: HiTA UPSs are tested by Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)-Kharagpur, Electronics Regional Test Laboratory (ERTL), Electronics Test and Development Centre (ETDC), Central Power Research Institute (CPRI), SAMEER etc. and found satisfactory.

Product Development: In order to achieve high levels of reliability and endurance in its products, HiTA has set for itself basic, minimum design targets for new product development. It has done extensive online POWER MAPPING in India at over 50 locations, as a result of which it has been able to develop UPSs suitable to Indian conditions.

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