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Frequently Asked Qustions

What is the difference between "KVA rating" and "KW rating" of UPS?

Answer: The mathematical relation is kW= kVA *pf. where kW is active or useful power and kVA is the vector sum of active power and reactive power. The equation therefore is kW= kVA *pf

What is the Input Power Factor (p.f.) of the UPS at different loads?

Answer: Power factor is a function of phase displacement angle between voltage and current and distortion factor. It is calculated as a ratio of real power to apparent Power drawn by load. PF is low at lower loads and goes on improving at higher loads. PF is also lower at higher input voltage and goes on improving as voltage reduces. Input Power Factor is independent of type of load for double conversion technology

How much is the static switch transfer time (Break in output) in Asynchronous and Synchronous mode if inverter fails?

Answer: In synchronous mode this break is less than 5 ms because of Static Switch in output and Inverter is in phase and frequency locked with Bypass. In case of Asynchronous mode it is between 15-20 ms.

What is the maximum rating of the UPS offered by HiTA?

Answer: 600kVA, multi module. Three modules of 200kVA (each) can be paralleled for expansion up to 600 kVA or for redundancy.

How to arrive at correct UPS capacity for a given load?

Answer: Estimate steady state (normal running) power consumption (in kVA) of the total load first. Determine inrush power (kVA) of the largest load in the total load distribution next. The rated kVA capacity of the UPS should be 85% of the sum of above two [Steady state kVA + Inrush kVA].

This is under the assumption that all loads are not switched on at the same instant and largest load is started while all remaining loads are running

What is the % total harmonic distortion (%THD) of the UPS output voltage and how it is measured?

Answer: Total Harmonic Distortion is measured using Distortion meter. For linear load it is less than 1% typical and less than 2% maximum. For nonlinear load with crest factor 3:1 it is less than 5%.

What is the overload capacity of the HiTA UPS?

Answer: 125% Continuous, 150% for 30 seconds switch to bypass

What are the types of load applied to UPS during testing?

Answer: Resistive load and non linear load for normal testing and Inductive load on special request of inspection authority

What happens if UPS fans fail?

Answer: Fans are provided for cooling of wire wound components as well as cooling of heat sinks. If these fans fail, internal temperature of the unit will increase and when the heat sinks temperature rises above 850 degrees Celcius it will give indication of 'Over Temperature'. If this condition persists, Inverter will be switched off after 2.5 Minutes.

What is the protection for FAN failure in HiTA UPS systems?

Answer: To protect the Cooling FANs all ALP series HiTA UPS systems are having intelligent FAN speed control. The system processor determines the optimum speed the cooling fans should rotate at, depending upon the exact load on the UPS, so as to provide the optimum cooling for the load and at the same time protecting the life of the FAN. (Less the speed more is the life of the FAN)

What is the degree of protection (IP protection) applicable for HiTA UPS?

Answer: IP 20 even with front door open. IP 31 on special request.

Is UPS output isolated from its input?

Answer: Yes, double wound isolation transformer of full load UPS rating is used at inverter output, which ensures complete isolation from input.

Can the UPS output neutral be earthed?

Answer: Yes, provided bypass isolation transformer is used or the operation of static switch is permanently disabled.

What type of UPS HiTA is manufacturing?

Answer: True Online (Double conversion technology) UPS systems. However, HiTA also manufactures Line interactive UPS systems upto 3 kVA capacity.

What is burn in test? How much duration the heat run of standard UPS is carried out?

Answer: Burn in test means UPS kept in running condition at some load or at no load. Burn in test at full load and for minimum 8 hours is carried out on every UPS

Why there is no alarm or indication for any fan failure?

Answer: Fan failure is not directly indicated because on failure of fan heat sink temperature of UPS will increase and this rise depends upon percentage of load on UPS. Fan failure is indirectly indicated as 'Over temperature'.

How do I monitor AHA UPS from some remote location in the Network?

Answer: Hookup UPS to network via our SNMP agent called NetAgent, Load either RUPS-II or UPSilon on one of workstation in your network to receive traps from UPS or install SNMP manager on NMS.

I am using UPS model as Power Hub / LXM / VS-500 / 600 / 900 / AHA-1000 / 2000 / 3000 / HC-3000 to 20000 / ALP series UPS, and is interested in auto shutdown of workstations, how to go about the same?

Answer: All HiTA UPS can also be used to provide auto shutdown facility. All that is required are relevant Software (Available with HiTA) and the connecting cable for connecting HiTA UPS to the Workstation through serial cable.

Do you offer shutdown of multiple workstations?

Answer: Yes through Multiport or Using UPSCOM (Network Shutdown License) in Network environment.

What is the difference between the software RUPS-II / UPSilion and UPSCOM auto shutdown software's?

Answer: RUPS-II / UPSilon are primarily used for standalone configuration while UPSCOM is used for Network configuration based on SNMP protocols

What is the difference between the multi port and UPSCOM?

Answer: Multiport is a device used to hookup more than one workstation to one UPS, while UPSCOM is a software package used to carry out auto shutdown of one or multiple workstations using Network Shutdown license

Do I need to install any client software (Package) to monitor the UPS parameters while using SNMP card for Web (remote) Monitoring?

Answer: No, only web Browser is required

Can I send a message on pager about the status of UPS automatically on any event that occurs on the UPS?

Answer: Yes, the option is available in UPSCOM with UPSCALL software.

Do you offer shutdown software for windows 2000?

Answer: RUPS-II, UPSilon and UPSCOM provides auto shutdown for windows 2000

How to monitor HiTA ALP UPS in network?

Answer: SNMP Card along with UPSCOM Software can be used to monitor HiTA ALP UPS in network

What are the requirements for the HiTA ALP series UPS to be monitored on the NMS?

Answer: You would be requiring the SNMP hardware NetAgent with the valid TCP/IP address and Ethernet port along with the SNMP Manager (UPSCOM) for specific NMS.