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Global Presence for Mission Critical Application
HiTA is operating in India with Corporate Office at Kolkata and branch offices at all the metros and major cities across the length and breadth of the country. We are responsible for all kinds of activities of Marketing, Sales and after sales service for the products manufactured by our Taiwan Manufacturing Partner in SAARC countries.

Internationally renowned, HiTA is one of the worlds leading UPS and Power Equipment manufacturing company catering to several multinational giants on OEM/ ODM basis. HiTA is having factories at Taiwan to serve Asian countries and also to most of the other countries allover the world.

All Pre and post Sales service support in India and SAARC countries are provided through an extensive national network of service centers spread all across. Each Service center has a group of engineers trained by HiTA to provide quality and prompt service support to all our customers. All our activities have been further augmented directly by HiTA Corporate Management.

HiTA Experience, Expertise and Group Base in the Industry

HiTA was formed by several top and experienced experts in the UPS and Power industry in finance, R&D, quality control, production, marketing, selling, and management. The strong team HiTA makes HiTA a well known and most sough after brand in the UPS industry worldwide. HiTA is one of the leading professional manufacturers in the world.

Sound Plan in Management Policy

The running of the company is under a solid rolling plan that paces the development in five stages in every cycle.


In R&D


in standardization and mass production


in marketing & selling


in financing


in evaluation and innovation

Sound Plan in Management Policy

The company commits itself to reach the goal of "best customer satisfaction" with Six promises in


Leading in Quality Assurance


Leading in Marketing support and After Sales


Leading in Price and Performance


Leading in Marketing support and After Sales


Leading in Price and Performance


Leading in Marketing support and After Sales

Major Customer and business style

In USA and Europe, the company’s main business style is OEM manufacturing for several giant multinational companies in Power Electrical and Electronic Industries. The company has started operation in India since 1996 to give the best support in terms of sales and service of HiTA brand UPS systems to the end customers beside the OEM customers in the SAARC countries.

Brief Marketing Status

Among HiTA’s product line, the intelligent PROMATE (Line Interactive 600 VA), AHA (HF, 1-20 KVA), AHA (LF, 3-20 KVA) and ALP (10-800 KVA) series are our best sales in term of quantity and defect rate. The successful factors of these series are advanced DSP Topology (On-line UPS only), intelligent microprocessor design, reliability, and cost. The company is planning to target whole of Europe and South America as well for distribution of its products and is actively looking for business partners.

Engineering Force

The current R&D engineers including safety, structure and Design engineers, posses experience on UPS from 3 to 12 years. The company reserves a large percentage of the annual sales amount for R&D purpose. The highlight of the R&D is instrumental in making the company a technology leader in the power industry.

Future Developing Plan

Besides the current UPS product line, HiTA is planning to launch a new IGBT based Rectifier UPS and other range of Power Products like AVR, Converter, Inverter, Input Harmonic Filter & Transformers.

Manufacturing Quality assurance and historical record

Every HiTA UPS is backed by an assurance of Total Quality and Total Support The factory management of the company is based on the principles of ISO 9000. Several well-known safety agents such as UL, CSA, CE, EN and Japanese T mark have qualified it. Based from the company record, the following informations are provided for reference

UPS Type

Field Defect Rate(%)

In Process Defect Rate(%)

Line Interactive UPS

Less than 0.5%

Less than 1.5%

Line Interactive UPS

Less than 0.5%

Less than 1.5%

The above number is the brief company record. The actual number of percentage may change depending on the product line and area. Same product may have different results in different areas depending on the environmental power conditions.

Product Innovation capability and design target

Among our R&D engineers, 60% are involved mainly in research and design of new technology and product. The corporate vision to constantly provide innovative and competitive, new products to the customers allover the world drives the use of leading edge technologies. To reach the goal of reliability and durability of products, some basic design target (e.g. Operating temp: 0 - 40 Degree C, RH: <90%, Audible Noise: < 40 dB etc.) is our guidelines in developing new product line.

Testing & Quality Assurance

HiTA UPS systems are tested and certified in India under the most stringent and adverse conditions against different parameters by Indian Institute of Technology - Kharagpur, Electronics Regional Test Laboratory (ERTL), Electronics Test and Development Center (ETDC), CPRI, SAMEER and other most prestigious and accredited institutions and organizations. This is an added advantage, apart from ISO 9001:2000 certification, as it speaks volumes about the quality, reliability and assurance of HiTA UPS Systems.

Product Development

In order to achieve high levels of reliability and endurance in its products, HiTA has set for itself basic, minimum design targets for new product development. It has done extensive online POWER MAPPING in India at over 50 locations, as a result of which it has been able to develop UPS systems suitable to adverse Power Conditions of Developing Countries like India, China, Brazil, Mexico etc.