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Hita makes environment-friendly UPS

HiTA brings tomorrows technology to you today. With HiTA comes a range of UPS and Power protection equipments with unmatched Reliability and Performance. HiTA products are specifically suited for Developing Countries as a result of extensive Power mapping and Power analysis for last few decades in countries like India, Brazil, Mexico, China etc. ...

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ALP ( Ture Galvanice Isolation:10K-800KVA )

ALP ( Ture Galvanice Isolation:10K-800KVA )

Features & Advantages

Advanced technology of PWM,DSP and IGBT switching ...

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  • ALP ( Ture Galvanice Isolation:10K-800KVA )
  • ALP 890 Series
  • AHA ( Low Frequency Type:3K-20KVA )
  • AHA 800 Series
  • AHA 880 Series
  • AHA High Frequency Series
  • AHA ( High Frequency Type:1K-20KVA )
  • Promate 600 VA Series
  • ALP series 10K-400KVA 50Hz/60Hz/400Hz
  • AHA series 3k-15KVA 50Hz/60Hz/400Hz
  • ALP series 10K-400KVA 110V/220V/348V DC
  • Remote Power Manage 2
  • Battery Monitoring Module - DCMAN
  • DC MOTOR Driver
  • Solar Street Light Systems